Welcome to the Hotel "JURBARKAS" *** !

- This is a three star Hotel "Jurbarkas", which is located in Lithuania, Jurbarkas city, in a picturesque location on the largest Lithuanian rivers -  Nemunas.

Hotel "Jurbarkas" *** Lithuania Panorama / Litauen/ Lietuva Slideshow: Hotel’s trip from Vilnius, Lithuania to Jurbarkas (near Tytuvenai) was created by TripAdvisor. See another Tytuvenai slideshow. Create your own stunning slideshow with our free photo slideshow maker.

Staying Lithuanian writer and journalist Algimantas Cekuolis in our Hotel, said that in Lithuania, the panorama from the hotel terraces can only rarely see anywhere. The same said and other hotel guest -  philosopher A.Juozaitis.

Hotel "Jurbarkas" *** natural panorama gallery

■ Hotel "Jurbarkas" *** offers 30 quest rooms. Rooms are on 5th and 6th building floor.

■ Hotel "Jurbarkas" *** offers single and double rooms with cable TV. Guests can reserve double lux with internet access.

Most terraces from them you can enjoy the amazing Nemunas river view.

■ Guests need to take lift to the 5th and 6th floor. 
For safety of our guests, it is equipped, the video surveillance camera system.
Each room has the Internet.

Hotel "Jurbarkas" ***

Hotel "Jurbarkas" Rooms Gallery

More hotel "Jurbarkas" *** rooms photo you can find here.

We are waiting for you!

A little history ..

Hotel "Jurbarkas" *** has founded 1981 years ago.

 During  30-year hotels history he was visited by tens of thousands of tourists and visitors from all over the world: USA, Australia, European countries.

Hotel Jurbarkas *** loved by sports athletes. Jurbarkas - has a great strategic location to develop sports camps. Nearby is situated in a great stadium, two outdoor tennis courts, a great new sports hall, a new bicycle path along the Nemunas River, a mini port. Hotel Jurbarkas *** actively cooperates with various Lithuanian and international sports federations. There are training camps, which prepared the Lithuanian men's and women's handball team, the Baltic States national women's handball team, juniors and Lithuanian national football team and other juniors.



Hotel Jurbarkas *** rents bicycles.

A new bike trail scenic coastal route of the river Nemunas.

You can rent boats.

You can move to Nida.

Preferential can rent a bus.

Car rental.

Since 2012, the Nemunas River will run a newly built 50-seater boat Jurbarkas - Nida.

10 km from Jurbarkas - Smalininkai cart track.


Hotel guests with their pets accepted free of charge.

Additional Services

Breakfast from 7 to 12 hours morning.

You can order lunch and dinner.

A higher volume of people, group menus are compliant in advance.


Laundry and cleaning.

Ironing room.

■ -seat restaurant, coffee shop to book.

On request it can connect to the Internet in your room.


■ Fax.

E-mail, easy mail.


"When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money." 

 ~Susan Heller